Commission Works on Public Art Planning

February 6, 2014 0

Commission Works on Public Art Planning
His replacement, Jim Simpson, is expected to be confirmed in a vote at the city council's Feb. 3 meeting. Winborne … Noting that the Jan. 29 meeting had been especially challenging, Miller thanked commissioners for their work. “This is probably the …
The Ann Arbor Chronicle

What's New With Screws
The good news for manufacturers is they can use specially designed thread-rolling screws to prevent this problem, which occurs when the threads of a fastener do not align with those of a nut or a tapped hole. Interestingly, one manufacturer's concern …
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Google Glass Release Date, Specs and Features: 2014's Coolest Bit Of Tech
He believes his version of Glass is "like a tool" whereas Google's is "like a game". …. If you're not receiving enough of the yellow family in your life, we recommend you download The Simpsons: Tapped Out, possibly the most addictive game on the market.
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